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10 Things Your Web Designer MUST Know About SEO

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In today’s digitized World, SEO has become an important part of the web design process. Having a great design for a website alone cannot prove to be beneficial for it. Until and unless a website ranks higher in the search engine results all the efforts that have been made to enhance the design of a website won’t prove to be useful. This is where SEO plays a pivotal role.

All the modern day web designers must be aware of the certain aspects of SEO which will enable them to escalate a website in the SERPs and generate more viewership for it.

Below are the top 10 things that a web designer should definitely know about SEO.

  1. Mobile Friendly Responsive Design

Nowadays, where smartphones and tablet computers have literally taken over the traditional desktops, it becomes crucial to have a mobile friendly design. A website should load seamlessly on all the devices so that users have a unified experience while exploring it. With the number of smartphone users increasing constantly and Google’s algorithms favoring mobile friendly sites, designing a website that is not responsive will do no good to a business. All the web designers need to design a website by keeping this aspect in mind.

  1. Page Load Speeds Are Crucial 

No user would want to visit a website again that has a low load speed. Google is aware of this fact and includes the speed of a website in its algorithm. The longer a web page takes the load, there is a very high possibility that website is going to lose users. This will have a negative impact on the viewership of the website that will make the site lose traffic and subsequently its rankings. Therefore, the web designers need to ensure that no such elements are included during the designing process that hampers the load speed of a website.

  1. Include Unique and Updated Content 

The importance of having unique content on a website has been discussed quite a few times. The purpose of a web page is to showcase information to the users who are searching for a particular information related to it on the web. Google will identify these pages that are authoritative to a user. Along with including unique content on a website, the content should be regularly updated and prove to be valuable for the viewers.

  1. URLs Should Be Clear And Unambiguous 

The words that are used in a URL are read by Google and is considered an important part of an SEO friendly website. Incorporating keywords phrases in the URL that are related to your content will enable Google to recognize the page and what it is all about. Ambiguous URLs are not preferred by the search engines. Along with using relevant keyword phrases, the best way to structure the URL is to make use of hyphens for separating the words.

  1. Use Minimal & Clean Code 

Every web designer should try to integrate top notch features in a website by making use of a minimal code. The designer should not try to stuff a web page as it will make the page complicated and difficult to differentiate as to what all is important. Even for the search engines crawlers too much code will not allow them to recognize the page easily.

  1. Title Tags Should Be Relevant 

The title tags are used for defining a particular web page to the users and also to the search engines. These tags are used for showing preview snippets for a specific web page. They should be unique and include the relevant keywords. These appear in the search engine results pages, the browser and the external websites. It is better to have a title tag of under 60 characters in order to ensure that no character gets cut off.

  1. Limit the Usage of Flash 

The usage of flash in a website is not responded in a friendly manner by the search engines and the devices. It is recommended to completely avoid the use of flash while designing an SEO friendly website. Flash should not be used for navigation or the text on a website. However, even though if flash is used then it should not be used on the entire website.

  1. Smooth and Easy Navigation 

The purpose of a website is to serve information to its visitors in the best possible manner. Having a seamless and smooth navigation is considered essential for both the users and the search engine. All the menus that are integrated into a website should be functional and helpful. There is no font in having a complicated navigation method as the users are not going to spend their time in figuring it out. There would rather look for other better options.

  1. In-Depth Keyword Research 

The best way to increase the search engine rankings of a website is to include those keywords in your website’s content that have a very high possibility to be typed by the users in the search query. This will have a significant impact on the search engine rankings of a website. Therefore, it becomes necessary to do an in-depth research of all the keywords before including them on your website. 

  1. Promote Social Sharing 

Social media platforms are a great way to get referral traffic on a website. Along with these, the sharing of content that is done on social media validates the fact that the content showcased on a website is meeting the expectations of a user. A website design should integrate social media sharing buttons while designing a website. This will enable the users to easily share any content that they find useful.

In The End 

By taking care of the SEO aspect from the beginning of the website design, will do wonder for the website. A website that has a top-notch design and is easily accessible to the users will definitely reap benefits for a business.

Have I missed any of the important points that should have been mentioned in the post? Please let me know about them along with your views on the post in the comments section

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