10 Useful WordPress Admin Plugins for Better Control

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It has plugins for social media, e-Commerce, SEO, blog posts and much more. WordPress has also got a set of plugins that will enable you to have a control over its admin area. The admin area will allow you to configure your settings, add content and customize your designs.

Below mentioned are the top 10 useful WordPress admin plugins that will enable you to have a better control over its interface.

  1. WP-Optimize WordPress Plugin

WP-Optimize WordPress Plugin

It is quite possible that your WordPress website would feel slower than usual. It could be due to an issue with your database. Junk files would have found a way into your WP database. This can lead to errors and an adverse effect on the speed of the website.

Optimizing your WP database on regular intervals of time will be very beneficial. To make your job easier, there is a plugin named WP-Optimize. This plugin will optimize all your database automatically. It will allow you to get rid of spam, trashed comments, trackbacks, and revisions.

  1. Debug Objects WordPress Plugin

Debug Objects WordPress Plugin

Debug Objects WordPress Plugin will enable you to analyze the errors and have a better understanding of the development process with WordPress. This is an easy to install plugin that will provide you with all the information related to memory usage, WordPress version, query info, cookie definitions, shortcodes and much more. Debug Objects is one of the best plugins that each and every WP developer that is present out there. Due to its extraordinary features, it has got a very high rating from its users.

  1. AG Custom Admin

AG Custom Admin

AG Custom Admin is an amazing plugin that will allow making numerous compact visual adjustments over your admin area. You can add striking background images and alter the color scheme of the admin area. This plugin will give you the liberty to enhance or hide different parts of the admin area.

As a user, the plugin will provide you with numerous customization options like changing the admin bar logo, removing the footer and hiding the admin updates.

  1. CodePress Admin Columns

CodePress Admin Columns

CodePress Admin Columns will allow controlling exactly what columns are to be displayed on your website and in what order. This is one of the most useful plugins among others that is available for the WordPress users. You can select any post type that you want to modify, choose what to display and finally drag and drop each item in the order that you want them to be.

As a user, you get a lot of columns to choose from. Displaying featured images on the post list is considered one of the most useful option.

  1. WP Super Edit WordPress Plugin

WP Super Edit WordPress Plugin

WP Super Edit is a WordPress plugin that will add more functionality to your functionality to your visual editor and make your blogging experience full of fun. The plugin will bring more life to your content. It has a user-friendly drag and drop interface that will provide you access to built-in WP options. The installation and customization options are pretty easy. The users have the option to configure the settings of the visual editor. The plugin uses different database tables for settings and to support multi-website configurations.

  1. Admin Menu Editor WordPress Plugin

Adminer WordPress Plugin

Admin Menu Editor will give you the access to build an admin menu that stands apart from the others. The plugin will allow you to add custom menu items to your admin menus. There are numerous functionalities possessed by the plugin. You get to edit the titles of menus, change the menu icons, set access rights, create sub menus and create custom menu items that are pointed to external links. All your default menus can be restored at the click of a button.

The plugin is easy to install and use. You get to choose between the free version and the pro version where the paid version comes with added functionalities.

  1. Adminer WordPress Plugin

Admin Menu Editor WordPress Plugin

Managing MySQL databases manually is not an easy task. This plugin will give you the power to manage all your WordPress databases from the more similar WordPress admin area.  Adminer WordPress Plugin will enable you to browse tables, run SQL queries, perform database optimization among all the other functions. This plugin is really basic and fun if you enjoy getting inside your database. Adminer is fully compatible with WordPress 3.9.1 and WordPress multisite. The plugin enjoys very high user ratings and has more than 100k downloads.

  1. WordPress Mobile Pack WordPress Plugin

WordPress Mobile Pack WordPress Plugin

WordPress Mobile Pack WordPress Plugin will provide you the liberty to create mobile applications and give your smartphone visitors a rich user experience. You can also create responsive WordPress websites that will look amazing on all mobile devices. This plugin has been designed for bloggers, publishers and content marketers that want to grow their base among the mobile readers. It is also compatible with all the major browsers and works well on all operating systems. WordPress Mobile Pack WordPress Plugin is compatible with the latest version of WP 3.9.1 and houses great features like responsive interface, posts and comments sync, analytics along with other customizable features.

  1. Participant Database WordPress Plugin

Participant Database WordPress Plugin

Participant Database WordPress Plugin will provide you with the means to build and maintain a database of members. The plugin will enable you to enter records individually, upload the records from a CSV file and enable the members to create the records by themselves.

The plugin is completely customizable and you can create multiple forms to collect records, includes amazing shortcodes, supports email notifications and much more. Participant Database has received positive ratings from its users and has close to 100k downloads.

  1. Google Authenticator WordPress Plugin

Google Authenticator WordPress Plugin

WordPress security has always been a serious issue. The Google Authenticator is a WP plugin that offers two-factor authentication for your WordPress website. The Google Authenticator application will run the entire operation for Android,iPhone and Blackberry. The two-factor authentication need can be implemented on a per-user basis. You can login in as usual or use it for an administrative account with more privileged accounts. In order to maintain your blog using an android or iPhone app, you can enable the App password feature in the plugin.


Above is a brief description of the 10 useful WordPress admin plugins that will offer you a better control. Did I neglect any of the important plugin(s) in the list mentioned above?

Do let me know your views about the article in the comments section below.

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