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10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

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The Internet is developing more and more every day. There are new sites, forums, blogs and various services. Subjects, which are selected for new resources, are more and more sophisticated. So, how to promote a newly appeared resource?

Your first task after launching the site is to promote it actively, so that it appears on the first page, or better – in the top 3 search results. It is not so easy – it will take a long and laborious work, the result of which will depend not only on your efforts but also on many other factors, for instance, the competition in your field.

On the question “How to get traffic to your website?” is impossible to give a short and concise answer, because there are a lot of ways to boost your traffic. Therefore, here are 10 essential points on how to drive traffic to your website.

  1.    Write about something you are really good at

And what might be useful to your users. Start blogging. But before that, make sure that it contains all the necessary elements for its development.

  1.    Make your articles correct

Each of your text materials should have the following elements: a strong headline, a short intriguing lead, qualitative images with witty captions, as well as tie-ins with the most curious or relevant facts. These will make your post more interesting and visually rich. And remember, there is no place for mistakes! Spelling and grammatical errors will only destroy the credibility of you.

  1.    Optimize the content of your resource

The amount of text on each page should not be too small, but not too large. About the approximate figure is still being disputed. One thing is clear: a long boring text, dotted with obsolete facts, no one will read. Therefore, place high-quality content and update it all the time. There is a simple rule: what most people like is likely to appeal to search systems.

Keywords. They are needed, they work, they help your site to occupy the top position in the SERP quickly. But mark yourself with a red marker: the keys must be inscribed organically! It has long been time to say goodbye to the dull, oversaturated keys in SEO-texts. Only interesting and useful content actively works for the benefit of your site.

Linking. Always include links leading to other pages of your site in the texts. Cleverly inscribed active links will lead your visitor from the entering page to the page where he will perform an action you need.

  1.    Publish materials regularly

Not less often than two times a week. If there are no results for one or even a few months, do not stop, do not release the revolutions. To make blogging bring the results, will take some time. Just take it as a fact.

  1.    Publish the materials at the same time

This will develop a habit for your audience to read your blog regularly, monitoring the updates.

  1.    Follow the social platforms.

The impact of social sites on SEO and Internet marketing is growing. In particular, the promotion in social networks has already become an important part of working with external links. And the most advanced Internet marketers have learned to use the monitoring data of network communities to improve the site’s position on the issue of the main requests that are significant for users of social platforms. Social monitoring of industries, relevant topics, mentions of brands and competing companies will help you to update the semantic core of the resource practically in real time. In this case, you can be guided by the assumption of the popularity and relevance of search queries, which are heard on social networks. Get official pages in social networks (at least in one of them: Facebook, Vkontakte, Classmates – see where is the most of your audience is concentrated). In the beginning, it’s enough to publish in them just announcements of the materials that you create on the blog. At first, it is much more important to get quality social signals for search engines, not the lid. The strongest social signal is traffic from social networks.

  1.    Become a content tutor.

Announce in your blog some useful publications from authoritative sources. Create a forum on your site. With the help of it you can significantly improve the bounce rate, build a community interested in your subject and make your site start ranking by low-frequency key phrases. Adding new articles to forums is an excellent decision. The huge advantage of traffic from the forum is that it is very high-qualitative: visitors carefully read the articles, browse several pages and sometimes leave huge comments.

  1.    Rank the most famous personalities in your niche.

Describe what they are famous for; add their photos and links to profiles on social networks. Most likely, many of them would be amused and want to share your creation with their subscribers, and you will get a significant increase in audience. Take an interview with the expert from your market and publish it on your blog. This will give you a good increase in attendance.

  1.    Topical video podcast on

It’s labor-intensive, long, but very effective. Keep in mind, video marketing is gaining momentum, and the competition is increasing. Nevertheless, still, there are chances to get the audience and successfully convert it into customers.

  1.    Do not force yourself into a frame.

Practice different types of content submission.

These options can be used both individually and all at once. Keep in mind, combining methods will open up great opportunities for you. That is, by resorting to buying unique texts, buying links and contextual advertising, your resource will be able to unwind much faster.

Remember, a website promotion should be unobtrusive and not annoying. So, be careful and do not forget about it.

About the author:

Helen Birk is a professional blogger and freelance essay writer for the well-known sites. Solving students career and university problems. Having an interest in SMM and web-promotion. Her lifestyle credo is “Actions speak louder than words”.

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