12 Video Marketing Facts That Will Change How You Market Your Products & Services

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With the explosion of video marketing in the past few years, more and more marketers are turning their attention towards video marketing campaigns. The extreme targeting and relatively low cost of marketing to a specific demographic have helped countless companies and organizations maintain and grow their market share, in a variety of industries. WebsiteBuilder has a treasure trove of facts and data that help depict a strong argument for including video marketing as a cornerstone of your next campaign. Here are 12 facts that just might tip the balance and have you joining the ranks of the video marketing generation.

1) 90% of all marketers use Facebook and YouTube for their marketing campaigns that involve video content. 60% of marketers use video in email campaigns, and 82% think it is highly effective.

2) Amazon, the product marketplace, was spending a whopping 3 billion USD on their video marketing campaigns for 2017

3) Mobile video ad revenue is expected to grow annually at a rate of 26 plus percent, per year.

4) E-commerce stores with videos have a 9% higher conversion rate than those that don’t have video. Also, with video, e-commerce sites have a 68% increase in average number of order.

5) Data suggests that including video in emails can increase conversion rates by 500%.

6) In a study of retailers, 91% of retailers increased their sales by including the use of video in their campaigns and marketing efforts

7) The click-through rate, or CTR, of video advertising, is 18 times higher than the CTR of banner advertisement, traditionally used for online marketing.

8) US mobile video revenue increased by an incredible 385%, between 2011 and 2016. That’s a 77% increase per year, over that 5-year period.

9) According to Facebook, 90% of all their content will be video-based by 2020.

10)YouTube currently has 1 billion users and averages over 1 billion video hours watched per day. Those numbers may seem huge, but YouTube expects for viewer hours to increase 50% a year for the next few years, despite an already huge existing viewership and competition from other platforms.

11)Globally, by 2020, video traffic is expected to triple over the 2015 rates, exponentially increasing viewership.

12)Half of all Americans, over 184 million, watched digital TV from services like Netflix. 78.5 percent of all Americans online watch videos online through Facebook, YouTube or other social media outlets.

These are only 12 facts that explicitly make the case to why all organizations should be looking to video marketing, to boost their revenue models and sales funnels. The online video marketing marketplace allows for streamlined targeting of potential customers and is clearly more engaging. Plus, it has better conversion and ROI in comparison to conventional forms of marketing. Finally, with major brands spending into the billions, like Amazon and other platforms, upgrading features to better connect with the potential customer, marketers can no longer ignore the impressive gains available by marketing a product or service through online videos.

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