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The 13 Internet Marketing Tools Every Small Business Needs

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Regardless of the size of your business; getting an online presence is almost mandatory if you’ve the remotest desire to jump over your competitors.

According to a study InternetWorldStats; 49.7% of the world’s global population uses the internet as of March 2017!

So unless you wish to live in “half” a world, online presence commands your attention.

Here are 13 Internet Marketing tools every business needs to pay some attention to.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best products ever created for Webmasters by Google.

It gets us extremely detailed data regarding every inch of your websites’ performance; that too without charging a penny.

It helps us understand which strategies are working; which aren’t. Which pages are working best for us and can be improved, which device or country is bringing in majority of our traffic, how much time people are spending on our pages and everything else!

Only when we know our strengths and weaknesses, can we improve upon them. And that’s what Google Analytics helps us find.

  1. MailChimp

mail chimpMailchimp is an E-mail marketing tool; one of the top names in the industry. Although let me assure you there’s no compulsory rule for you to go with MailChimp; you can also opt for other tools like Aweber, GetResponse etc.

The only reason I chose MailChimp for this article is that it offers free plan up to 2000 subscribers! So a perfect platform to get you started.

MailChimp lets you collect E-mails; send Bulk E-mail; has pre-designed E-mail templates and a lot more!

Bottom line is, at least one E-mail marketing tool is a must have as far as any Internet Marketing campaign is concerned.

  1. Asana

asanaEvery successful business has a team, and team management is one of the most crucial aspects of making it to the top.

Asana helps you create projects; add tasks for the accomplishment of the project with proper description and other notes; has priority symbols, and finally lets you invite other members of your time to those projects.

It’s a great tool for collaborating with the rest of your team in real time.

  1. HubSpot

hubspotWhen it comes to Online business solutions, it’s imperative that we mention Hubspot.

It offers arguably one of the best all in one business management solutions.

Starting from managing Blogs, Landing Pages, Social media management, E-mail marketing, and even Analytics; there’s not a lot Hubspot has left out!

  1. Canva


Canva is a premium tool, meaning it has both free as well as paid elements. It comes in handy when you’re in need of highly professional images and don’t have or want to shell out a fortune for designers.

It’s extremely easy to use drag and drop interface, as well as huge treasury of fonts and images let’s you create great pieces of images, including Infographics, Social media images, blog post images and everything else.

With a bit of creativity, you and your team can design that banner for your next launch, download it in many formats or even share it directly on Social media.

  1. Buffer

bufferOne of the easiest, simplest and most basic routine we have to stick to, if we’re aiming at growing out social media presence is frequent posting.

Although posting on social media is time-consuming, primarily because once you open up any platform, it’s likely you’ll end up browsing other posts and feed.

That’s where Buffer can be your best friend! It’s a free platform and lets you schedule social media posts.

You can schedule as many as 10 different posts at a time from a number of platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

  1. HotJar

hotJarHotjar is one of my favorites when it comes to Internet Marketing tools, simply because it analyzes and grants you access to user behavior on your website.

Meaning, it is capable of analyzing minute details, for eg. Which section or paragraph of your blogpost was most read by users, where did the users pause, how far down did they scroll etc.

Basically everything that a user does on your website is recorded and stored. It helps you analyze and improve your webpages.

That’s not all, you can even leave short messages for your user’s using Hotjar! And again, it’s free!

  1. Moz Open Site Explorer

mozNo online asset is complete without SEO. If your site isn’t making enough impact on the Search Engines, chances are it won’t on your visitors either.

SEO is a vast science, but its core can be primarily said to be “Content” and “Backlinks”.

That’s what Moz’s OSE lets you analyze. And not just for yourself, but your competitors’ as well!

You can analyze how many backlinks you have, what’s your domain authority, page authority, top content on your blog, and a number of other important factors.

You can also compare your results to that of your competitors, and even “steal” their backlinks with a bit of hardcore approach.

  1. KissMetrics

kissmetricsYou probably already have heard of KissMetrics as one of the companies Neil Patel co-founded.

It’s specifically focused on the “marketing” aspects of your blog. Taking  into consideration your daily traffic, conversions, sales, revenue etc.

It breaks down these data into understandable numbers. Although the primary  factor which makes it different is the fact that it has the capability to link every bit of data, to a visitor.

Meaning it’ll not only tell you the overall stats, but also who’s responsible for those numbers.

  • Buzzsumo

buzzsumoI can sum Buzzsumo up in 3 words.  “Research” “Approach” “Analyze”.

Well Buzzsumo is a great tool when you need to dig up new headlines for your own website, or for a guest post.

It tells you what kind of articles are dominating the top positions in your niche. You can also use it to find what kind of topics or articles an influencer is sharing, and approach him for a guest post.

Or if nothing else, spending some time with Buzzsumo will get you more than enough ideas, keywords and headlines for your next blog post.

  1. PingDom

pingdromPingdom is primarily a “platform” which lets you calculate your website speed, and suggests where there is room for improvement.

But its premium plan enables a 24/7 monitoring service for your website. It’s important because Website speed is an important factor both in terms of SEO as well as user-experience.

If your site takes too long to load, users would start hitting the “back” button because there already are a lot of alternatives on Google, this would both cost you the visitors which could be a potential lead, as well as the wrath of Google as a result of “pogosticking”. (The act of hitting the back button because of unsatisfied result on your website!)

  1. CoSchedule

coscheduleCoSchedule is basically an “organizer”.

If you’ve got lots of campaigns, events, E-mails and social media activities to finish up, CoSchedule can help you do that.

It helps you better organize your campaigns, activities, and everything else and can be easily integrated with some of the leading platforms like Google Chrome, WordPress, Evernote etc.

It lets you create tasks and assign those to other team-members, set-deadlines and what not! Basically it’s like an advanced version of Asana or Trello.

  1. Portent Title Maker

title makerMy final weapon in the arsenal of Internet Marketing tools is Portent’s Title generator.

It’s a light-weight, free and somewhat “comic” tool which helps you generate mind-boggling headlines for that next blog post of yours.

A headline is the most important part of your blog post, it’s the “door” which let’s others in, if it’s not interesting enough, people won’t ever get to know about the rest of your “super-detailed”, “content-rich” post.

Wrapping it Up

The above-mentioned tools aren’t the only tools in the industry which help you out with your Internet marketing campaigns.

Most of these have other alternatives, probably even better ones. But on the very core, these surely are the ones you need to get going.

Feel free to try these out, and I’d appreciate if you leave your feedback in the comments section about this piece, as well as the tools mentioned above. You never know what you might come up with!

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