3 Email Subject Lines for Higher Open Rates

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You are probably reading this because your email campaigns keep ending up in the spam box. You have tried numerous things but still no change. There can be several things you can do to begin to understand what is going on. At this point, you must look into what makes a successful email campaign.

Before you show your subscriber a product you want to sell to them, you must first write an intriguing message. However, before they read your intriguing message, they must open the email to begin with. This is why the subject line of your email is so critical to the success of your email marketing campaigns.


Your entire email campaign can fail solely on the quality of your subject line. This is why we believe your focus should be there before anything else comes into play. We have 3 types of email subject lines you can use on your next campaigns that are bound to get you better results.

1. Target Pain Points


It is important to understand your customers first in order to target pain points. What we mean by pain points, is those things that trouble, worry or stress out your customers. Depending on the niche you are in, you will have different pain points you can use. The objective is to then take these pain points and place them in your subject line.

Some examples of email subject lines using pain points are:

  • “Learn to power read and make better use of your time doing so”
  • “Eat anything you want and maintain you weight goal for the summer”
  • “Tax season is coming! Follow these guidelines for a stress-free experience”

Obviously, your subject line would be tailored to your own business sector. The objective of using pain points is to answer concerns or questions your customers may face with your line of work. You want to come off as a problem solver!


Make sure that your email does indeed tend to whatever pain point your email is targeting. You don’t want to use this or any technique as simply click-bait. You must provide your end of the bargain. Therefore, if you promise to bring a certain concern to a finite solution, make sure your email does just that. There is nothing more unpleasant than realizing your subject line was indeed click-bait. You may lose subscribers if you don’t meet your word. Make sure you are always seeking to add value and your customers will be grateful of you and your email.

2. Use Humor to break the Ice!


Can you use humor or comedy in your subject line? Of course you can! Humor is what makes us put a smile in our face and there is never anything wrong with making your customers smile. Just remember that if you use humor, always have an objective in mind. You are not telling jokes here. You are adding value!

One way or another, your mission and end goal should be to provide value to your customers. Using humor is simply to break the ice and get your subscribers to open your email. Your customers know that you as a business have an objective of selling to them. Therefore, it is common for your customers to have a “shield” and see your emails in the perspective of being sold to. This is why you shouldn’t sell in every email you send out!

So humor serves more of a mask or costume for the actual message behind your email. It is a “soft” or “warm” approach to getting your readers to listen to what you have to say. You are breaking the ice as mentioned earlier. Examples of humor for your subject line include:

  • “I don’t need to invest in advertising! Said No Marketer ever”
  • “You won’t stop checking yourself out in our business suits!”
  • “These Jeans will make your friends jealous!”

Subject lines like these, if composed successfully, should make your subscriber pause and smile or even chuckle. If you succeed in making them at least smile, you’ve caught their attention in a non-aggressive way. That is big! It is much better to come off in a warm way versus an aggressive way.

For instance, the example of the business suits above is obviously about selling business suits. Your subscriber will most likely know this since you obviously have a business to run. However, you have made them chuckle or at least sparked their interest. Humor is what helped you achieve this interest. It is a much better approach than shoving a sale in front of their faces. No one likes to be told to buy anything! Therefore, you must watch your approach and remember to explain why your customer needs this item and how it is of value to them.

3. Using Numbered Lists

The use of numbers play a big role in the way people perceive information. Numbers have the power of making things exact, concise and specific. This is why you may see many news articles with numbers in their headlines. It gives one the sense of knowing exactly what to expect.

Some numbers however, are easier to digest than others. When speaking about numbered lists, some numbers are simply more appealing than others. Numbers such as 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 are much more appealing than numbers such as 16, 23, 37, and 66 to name a few. Remember that the overall objective is to make your subject line appealing. Therefore, if you take the approach of using a numbered list for your subject line, make sure it is eye-catching and easy to digest. Some examples of subject lines using numbered lists include:

  • “10 things you must do before buying a new home”
  • “5 Secrets to know to succeed in email marketing”
  • “50 Ways to start saving money with a dead-end job”

These examples let your reader know that by clicking on that email, they are to expect exactly that many variations of whatever you are talking about. It gives your email a more organized feel. People who click on an email with a numbered list know exactly what to expect before even opening it. Therefore, it is crucial that if you say you will give 5 solutions to something that you follow through with the exact number.

Wrapping Things Up!

The overall objective of your subject line is to captivate your reader. You want to try your best to make them open their email account and pause at your email! Then you want them to actually open the email. If you get this far, you have accomplished your subject line strategy.

In order to captivate your reader, you must always keep in mind that you are writing for them and not for yourself. Your email should somehow add value to whomever opens it. The 3 email subject line examples we presented here are only few ways of many strategies to use for email marketing. However, they are 3 methods that have worked greatly for other email marketers in the past. As long as you fulfill your side of the bargain and actually offer the information your subject line states, then you are winning the battle. Add value to your customers and they will see the value in you. You can also guarantee that if your email adds value every time, that your subscriber will want to open your email the next time you send it! Care for your subscribers and they will care for you!

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