5 Un-told SEO Benefits of Custom WordPress Development

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Today, WordPress is one of the more recognized and used blogging platforms. There are great benefits in using this platform to create websites, especially from SEO perspective. Following are some of the untold benefits of SEO, which you can get by using the WordPress development platform.

1. Customizable Content

One of the biggest reasons as to why WordPress is so popular is the fact that you can manage all types of content easily. It offers the website owners the ability to add, manage and edit content on a web page. In order to post or edit content, you do not need to have a development or technical background. By choosing the WordPress platform, you can easily publish as well as manage content on your website, which is an absolute necessity to successful SEO campaign. By developing your website on WordPress, you can publish content on your site easily, making it easy to customize according to SEO perspective.

2. Open-Source


WordPress is fully open source, which means that you won’t have to pay a subscription free to any ongoing license fee in order to use it. The platform can be downloaded for free, without any headaches. In addition to this, a user can easily customize WordPress around their business needs as it is open source and is written in PHP programming language. Also, WordPress is being constantly updated and its open-source nature ensures that you are always up to date and secure from the SEO perspective.

3. SEO Plugins

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WordPress has thousands of free SEO plugins, which are easily available. A majority of them are easy to use, and the user can choose any popular SEO plugin, such as SEO Yoast, which will ensure the development of your site. With these plugins, you will have the ability to add essential SEO features such as sitemaps, descriptions, tags and so on ensuring that all the SEO boxes are checked off on your blog or website. Moreover, you can also select any other SEO plugin to help with virtually anything you need to get a higher ranking in search engines.

4. Permalinks customization

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The way that your URL looks and is displayed to the user is known as the permalink. By choosing to build your website on the WordPress platform, you can easily customize the URLs of your site, which is highly important from SEO perspective. By customizing the URL’s you will be developing a WordPress website, that can help you raise your SEO ranking. This is another reason to choose the WordPress platform from an SEO perspective.

5. RSS Feeds


WordPress has built in RSS feeds, which plays a crucial role when viewed from the SEO perspective. By having an active RSS feed, you can feed your content across the internet, which can assist you to spread the word, while also giving a link back to your site. When your content is published on your WP website, it gets syndicated to other feeds, which will increase your readership/audience and also help your SEO ranking. Both of these things make WordPress a great choice from the SEO perspective.

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