6 Mind Blowing Tips to Get the International Clients

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Looking for local clients alone is already a huge challenge. Imagine if you try reaching greater heights and target international clients. This is a huge risk, but it does not mean you can’t do it. There are companies that started locally but eventually they were able to expand internationally. Some others didn’t even wait that long to go international. This is just a matter of how you engage with your clients and convince them to get what you offer. Here are some of the best tips that you can use if you want to ensure that you can have international clients patronizing your business.

1. Start with your website

If you want to go international, your website should also start looking international. Change the images to include potential foreign clients. You may also have the website available in various languages. This makes it easier for potential clients to search about your company and understand exactly what it is that you offer. You must also start opening social media accounts in various platforms. This makes it easier for you to reach out to foreign clients instead of just depending on your website. The most important thing is that you can show to these potential clients that even if your business is situated in a foreign country, they can still make transactions with you.

 2. Talk to potential clients and meet with them if possible

It is not easy meeting international clients. You don’t have to immediately go to where they are and meet them in person. Perhaps, you can start with an e-mail conversation that leads to something more serious. If you are planning to pitch in your business ideas, you can set up a Skype video chat. You should also introduce the other top members of your business. This makes it easier for them to know that you really are running a genuine company with top notch employees working for you. Perhaps, you need to understand their side of not being able to trust foreign partners right away. This is why you need to put a face on the name through video conversations, and later, a personal meet up if you are delving into more serious matters.

3. Keep them engaged with your business

It helps if you keep your potential clients updated about your business. You can send them more information about what your business offers through newsletters, online brochures and other updates. You should also respond immediately to their questions if they have some. Make them feel at home with your business. However, take note that there is a difference between engagement and insistence. You have to continue keeping contact with them but not in a way that you look so pushy. This is not something that they want in a business partner.

4. Publish a testimonial on your website

If you have previous clients whom you can ask for favor to say something good about your business, it would be nice. It humanizes your business. Potential clients will start to understand in what way you are helping others. If you can get former foreign clients to speak well of your business, it would be better. It makes your business sound even more authentic. It doesn’t take time to do this. Make sure though that it looks genuine and not forced.

5. Be more active in social media

Getting clients these days no longer require you to be in international gatherings or fairs. You just have to make a stable presence online. Most people are there anyway. If you want to target certain groups of clients, join a Facebook page where most of them are possibly hanging around. Your Twitter account must keep following those whom you see as potential clients for your business. Just make sure that in anything that you publish using these accounts, you remain professional and business-like. Don’t treat it as if you are using your personal account.

6. Go the extra mile

This is what seals the deal. If you can show to your potential clients that you really are interested in them, they will get your services. One way to show them that you really want them is by hiring a translator. For instance, you have a potential Chinese client. You can speak with them online through your translator instead of forcing them to speak English with you. Not only does this make the conversation easier and more understandable, it also shows them that you really are investing on this potential partnership. Another way is by sending someone to meet with them in person. You might not be able to do this yourself, but you can ask someone to represent your company. This is at a point when you are not even certain if your partnership will go a long way. If they can feel just how invested you are, it is easier to convince them to give it a shot.

Finding potential clients overseas is quite a huge challenge considering that you have different cultural backgrounds and approaches when it comes to business dealings. However, partnerships are always a possibility. Take note that a lot of companies have become multinational over the years. There is no reason why you can’t follow their footsteps. It is just a matter of doing something that could be appealing to foreign clients.

The key is to keep them engaged. Make sure that they can see the practicality of choosing you over other companies. If it is not for practicality purposes, it could be due to the excellent services that your company has to offer. Find a way to prove that you are a better choice over other companies out there. Once you have established yourself in the industry and you have found a huge international client to invest on you, the rest will just keep flowing. It is only difficult at first, but you can manage to get more if you are consistently doing what needs to be done to attract them.

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