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A Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing- 7 Techniques Explained

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If we go by the stats, email marketing can be held accountable for 23% of online transactions. Isn’t that astonishing?

According to several marketing gurus, email marketing could be more profitable and result in greater ROI than PPC or content marketing if correct strategies are adopted. Email marketing is not just about sending promotional emails to a bunch of people and expecting that to maximize your sales.

It’s a lot more than that. From adding people on your email list to segmenting buyers and retaining customers- a number of steps are involved. This article brings you 7 tried and tested email marketing techniques to help you kickstart marketing campaign like a pro.

1. Preparing the Email List: This is the first step of email marketing and this is where you lay all the groundwork for the future campaign. As a beginner, you must understand that you cannot randomly send emails to IDs you procured from business cards.

What you can do is embed optin forms in your websites.  That’s quick and easy. You can also opt for autoresponders which might cost you a little more. Tons of websites display pop-ups on their sites, enticing people with discount coupons.

The best thing about pop-ups is that you would get a lot of response without even directly urging people to provide their email addresses.

2. Expanding the Email List: An automated follow-up is one of the most important details of the whole email marketing strategy and you should pay good attention to it.

The best follow-up sequences not only help you grow your email list but also build a strong relationship with your subscribers, drives your leads and keeps the subscribers engaged.

The first follow-up series should be detailed and most importantly, should promote products relevant to the specific customers.

Another very popular method of nurturing the leads is to bribe them with the information they can’t resist, also known as lead magnets. Research thoroughly to get some brilliant lead magnet ideas. This strategy would be useful in getting people who are not primarily interested in your products to sign up with their email IDs to get the content given away for free.


3. Welcome Mail Campaign: Now that we are assuming you have successfully managed to create a big email list for your specific marketing goals, now it’s time to encourage people to buy.

Studies have proven that welcome emails have 42% higher chances of being opened and read than usual promotional emails. Think welcome emails as a digital equivalent of the warm greetings you receive when you enter a departmental store.

Even if it may not encourage the recipients to buy your products straight away, it leaves a nice impression, nevertheless. Try to keep the content crisp and entertaining, don’t sound overly salesy, try to introduce your subscribers to discount offers.

Lastly, solicit them to engage in a conversation which will help you understand their requirements better and pitch your proposals accordingly.

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4. Email List Segmentation: To crank things notches up, it is important that you start segmenting the recipients in your email list based on their age, gender, buying frequency, location and interests and similar demographics.

Once you divide your subscribers into smaller groups based on certain criteria, you will be able to send them relevant emails and gain higher conversion rates, click rates and open rates and avoid hard bounce rates.

All these will add up to a better outreach. Sending irrelevant emails will risk them getting end up in the spam folder. 31.6% are reported to flag irrelevant promotional emails as spam.

Cart abandonment email campaigns can be also used for bolstering your sales. Through segmentation, you can figure out the number of people who added products to their carts but didn’t complete the transaction.

Reports say 29.9% of cart abandonment email clicks result in end in successful purchases. According to online marketing guru Neil Patel, you can make encourage people to complete the purchase by bribing them with free shipping or discount offers.

email list5. Reward Your Most Active Leads: The smartest online marketers treat their most loyal customer base with utmost seriousness and respect. In the previous section, we already threw light upon the importance of categorizing people on your email list based on specific criteria.

Segmentation will allow you circle out the most active subscribers. Cash on their interest by incentivizing them with store credits, discount coupons.

Many online retailers incentivize their customers with offers like “ Buy 3 XYZ product and get flat xx% off, offer valid till Friday only”. Most people cannot resist such offers so, you can garner a huge return on investment through such campaigns.

active leads6. Get Your Timings Right: Timing is everything in business. Those who pitch their ideas at the perfect time at the perfect place take the cake away at the end of the day. Be prepared to spice up your promotional strategies on holiday seasons and special events.

We recommend performing A/B tests to find out the best days of the year and time of the day to end emails. You should target special occasions like Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve to come up with creative promotion ideas to hike your sales.


7. Learn Analytics: Metrics like Open rate, conversion rate, Click-through Rate or CTR and unsubscribers are the most important metrics of email marketing.

The conversion rate is basically the percentage of the recipients who complete a conversion goal. The conversion goal includes but not limited to purchasing. You have to divide the total number of conversions to the total number of recipients who complete the task to calculate the conversion rate.

You have to either reactivate the unsubscribers or clean them out of your email list to reduce the risk of getting your emails flagged as spam. There are two types of opt-out or unsubscribing- one is universal unsub and one is list specific unsub. If the rate of universal unsub is too high, you have to work really hard on writing a good copy.

CTR is one of the most important metrics for evaluating the success of an email campaign. It lets you monitor the number of people clicking on the links in your emails.

Last but definitely not the least, open rate is the metric of tracking how many people actually opened the emails you sent. You have to make sure the open rates are the highest when you are sending promotional emails to your most engaged customers.



There is much more to email marketing than the 7 techniques discussed above. It’s experiential. You grow with your mistakes, you learn to improve your strategies with each failure.

Apart from polishing your marketing techniques, you also have to focus on the quality of the copies written.

Your emails have to be conversational, informative and also, somewhat humorous. Have an eye for details and with time and experience, you will be generating massive revenues at the minimum expense in no time.

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