The Best Employee Motivation Tips of All Time

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No matter how hard-working or diligent your employees are there are times when they need their motivation sparked because the daily grind will eventually start to get to them, so it’s up to their managers to find efficient ways of rewarding them and showing that their efforts are recognized and appreciated. Remember that the performance and success of your company depend on the satisfaction and a sense of well being of your employees, and as their manager, you have both a responsibility and the ability to boost their morale and help them become more productive. While this is easier said than done, it’s undeniably challenging against the backdrop of the economic crisis that reduces employees’ numerous benefits and perks due to various cost cutting measures. However, there are a couple of tricks that you can use.

Set an example

If you want your employees to follow your lead, you need to be their role model. This means that you should work hard and constantly work on yourself. There’s nothing worse than an unproductive and yet demanding manager. It goes without saying that you should also be positive and approachable because playing an intimidating but respected boss cliché works only on film, so your Miranda Priestly is very likely to come off as Ebenezer Scrooge.

Make sure to communicate your expectations

Don’t think that anything is self-explanatory, and always tell your employees what exactly you expect them to do. Many managers believe that it’s enough to set objectives and deadlines and state the expected numbers and requirements, but the thing is that they usually communicate their ideas poorly leaving their employees perplexed. Moreover, last minute changes that aren’t properly explained will make employees think that you aren’t sure what you’re doing and that there’s no clear-cut business strategy.

Give them paid time off

If your budget is too tight so that you can’t give them a raise, make sure to reward your employees with some paid time off. This can be highly motivational since many people actually prefer having a couple days off instead of making more money. Even some recent research studies have shown that having a higher income makes people happy, but only to a certain point, which is in the case of the U.S $80,000 a year, and it starts to drop after this threshold.

Reward and incentivize

Although the previous paragraph emphasizes that there’s much more to employee satisfaction other than money and material things, you shouldn’t take it for granted and completely neglect incentives. More and more employers are opting for various eftpos gift cards in Australia as a means of motivating their staff. It’s a great idea to reward their efforts and accomplishments, and it’s true that even a thank-you note can do the trick, but occasionally it’s a nice gesture to walk the extra mile.

The importance of feedback

One of the most common sources of frustration and stress among employees is the lack of feedback. Managers and supervisors usually believe that quarterly performance reports are enough, but in reality, employees need more information regarding how you assess their work and contribution. That’s why it’s essential to frequently inform them what’s good and what should be adjusted. Don’t think that they’ll interpret your silence that everything is fine because that way you only leave them in the dark.

Get to know your employees

This is one of the crucial tasks of any manager, as every employee is different, so if you want to help them unleash their full potential you need to know their strengths and weaknesses. It’s true that teamwork is vital for the success of any company, but remember that teams are made of individuals, and if you want to make your team run like clockwork, try motivating each member individually.

Show them that you trust them

Your employees need to know that you trust them, as that’s the only way for them to start using their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking that usually results in fruitful efforts. If you’re suspicious of their skills and knowledge, they won’t be able to reach their full potential. Many bosses and managers fall into the trap of playing Gods, and this is extremely unproductive. Treat your employees as equal, and they won’t let you down.

Involve them in decision making

The success of your company is important both to you and your employees, so by involving them in decision making, you’re actually showing them that they’re not just a replaceable cogs in the wheel, but individuals that can help you reach your mutual goal. Besides valuing them as important parts of the team, you can also hear some interesting ideas that you can implement. This way your employees will realize that they’re working not only to grow your business but also in order to improve their own future and make it more prosperous.

Money isn’t the only moving force behind employees’ motivation, and you have lots of other options that can increase their productivity and make your business thrive.

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