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How to Compete for Local Queries with No Physical Premises

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Do you think businesses get traffic online without proper SEO optimization tools? Everyone knows that local SEO delivers more traffic to your site and helps in reaching the conversions your brand needs. Using exact location in your keywords gives you the top search results when potential customers use search engines. What about businesses who do not have any physical premises for their SEO? Does it mean they do not get a local pack and local search to compete against others? Actually, there are ways to get local SEO without local packs and physical premises. Let us see how to use them.

Organic search

For businesses with no physical premises, they are not restricted by any area where their services can be rendered. They can expand their business all over with an online base and can perform their services and ship their products anywhere. For such kind of business, organic search with relevant keywords generate more traffic but also face high competition.

Organic SEO campaign would generally provide the traffic reach they aspire from their online consumers. If you are competing for a local query add in details like the name of the region, state, and country where your services are offered to capture the local markets without a physical address.

Modify the content

It starts by placing user-focused content on the main category page. By adding more content on the category page you are helping the search bots to help you land your pages in top search engine result pages (SERP). Pull the third party content like Facebook, Google Maps, or Wikipedia to get immediate access to useful and relevant content. Gather propriety data which helps your business and it, in turn, leads to add rich snippets which can be featured.


Long tail keywords are used if you want the user to purchase your goods or do business with you. It is the more direct approach of marketing. For example, best acting classes for women in India gives the commercial intent of business of the particular institution. Start using long tail keywords in form of questions in your content to get maximum hits when people do casual searches using voice search or personal help assistants. Instead of removing the short tail keywords entirely, it is better to reduce their density to reduce the keyword stuffing as it has a negative impact on SEO.

Set right amount Granularity

Granularity is the level of detail or the depth of content one uses on their websites. Do it by incorporating the analytical tools to measure the strategies you have used for internet marketing. Analytical tools give you a clear idea as to how your strategies are being used and gaining success from the audience. You would know which ideas didn’t work with them and change the course of marketing in the right direction. Make notes on which content is diverting more traffic to the website and increase such type of information.

Take a closer look at the keywords most people are using to get search results. Find relevant and popular keywords specific to your industry and products you are working on. Adding content on your location page may get you more hits but it doesn’t mean you have to add physical premise of your business. Just mentioning the city, state, and town in your location pages will get you the required level of traffic.

memory usageFill the gaps

If you focus on the popular local packs, you end up in the high competition race waiting to find your place on the top. Instead, you can focus on the right content and exploit the gaps which others lag in their pages. There will be different opportunities waiting for your business to pick and stand unique from the crowd.  Targeting the audience on a different level and new approach gives you less competition and more openings.

PPC for traffic generation

PPC gets you to the top of search engine result pages without even adding physical premises. Pay per click advertising can be used as local search when users do it from a mobile device. It generates organic traffic to your site without putting a lot of effort. Retargeting and strategizing to new techniques will reduce your cost per click. The conversion rates will not see an immediate rise. It helps to be a forerunner by being a service provider with information and also helps to build a strong brand for a long term.

ppcConcentrate on structured data

If you keep your content and organize it in a structured way then it gets added directly to HTML’s markup. Search engines generally use this to generate rich snippets. It also categorizes and indexes your content making it suitable to rank top on SERPs. Whatever the content form may be like video, visuals, or texts, the search engines can easily crawl the content with help of markup to display it appropriately to the audience. Use a data structure testing tool to check how your content lies and work on it as it massively helps in improving the ranking in search engine result pages.

Utilize intelligent personal assistants

Local packs may not be cut out for your business sometimes as every single strategy does not give same results for different businesses. Make use of Google Now, Siri, and Cortana to beat the competition with integrating new technology into your websites. As Smartphones are taking up the major share when it comes to using search engines, alter your content to make it feasible to be used by smart assistants.

personal assistant

Some other useful tips

Minimize the number of URLs to make it easy for the search engines to crawl your site. Test individual facet links to control the spider traps. Always monitor server logs to know of any crawling problems. Use local differentiation to see if the products delivered can be procured locally. Find local technicians or experts who can contribute to your business.

As of now competing for local search is very big in any business industry and to compete without physical premises seems to be outdated. But the rise of personal assistants is totally changing the way one does business and it surely eliminates the local search.

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