Copywriting Mistakes That Will Kill Your Conversion Rates

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These days, writing effective landing pages is harder than ever, and with all the competition out there, business owners and marketing officers are under a lot of pressure to craft copy that sells. If copywriting always feels like a struggle, it can help a lot if you know the major mistakes to avoid. Here, we’ll look at some of the most common copywriting mistakes that can drive conversion rates into the dust.


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Failing to Link Features with Benefits

We hate to break it to you, but the large majority of your target audience doesn’t care about your business. When you live and breathe your product or service, it can be pretty easy to become too wrapped up in the details of it, and allow too much of this to seep into your copy. Of course, there’s no problem in telling prospects about the features of a given product or service, but it’s essential that you always link this up with a benefit; something specific that will solve whatever problem your customers are facing. If you’re selling diesel generators, don’t waffle on about the components, and instead talk about how energy-efficient they are. If you’re selling an SaaS app, talk about how easy it makes whatever process, and not the coding that’s gone into it. All the customer really wants to know is how you can make their life easier!

Using Structures that Choke your Copy

Multi-column layouts may be easier to design and write, but they rarely lead to better conversions when they’re used on landing pages. This is especially true when several columns of text are squeezed onto a single row. Try to strain away from layouts that are like newspapers and magazines, allowing readers to flick from paragraph to paragraph, choosing what to read and what to ignore. Instead, your copy should be a little closer to novels – single-column layouts that show your reader immediately that you expect them to read the copy from beginning to end. Having said that, massive blocks of unbroken text will have a tendency to scare the reader off. You should be breaking it up with sub-headings, pictures and graphics to pull the reader from one point onto the next.

Avoiding Long Copy Like the Plague

There’s a common myth in a lot of marketing circles that long sales copy simply won’t be read. Don’t believe this myth! If you’ve ever written a page of copy spanning 1,000 words or more, you may have run it past someone who’s more experienced, and been told that it’s too long. While it’s important to cut out non-essential information from any piece of marketing copy, you should be wary of this kind of feedback. What might have bored your business acquaintance still has a very strong chance of compelling someone from your target market. Your copy should be long enough to cover all the essential information, but short enough to remain interesting. With this in mind, you should be as concise as possible, but never avoid publishing long copy as a rule. If it gets conversions, then it’s worth the effort!

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