Efficient Ways to Globalize and Market Your App

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There are over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide. The best way to drive growth is through effectively scaling internationally. You certainly want to market in your own country, but leave room for a global goal. This may feel daunting, but it shouldn’t be–it’s the way of our global world. If you want an expansive base of customers, you must reach out. With millions of apps in the various app stores, marketing is imperative. Otherwise, you’ll just be another app no one will have heard of. How are you going to grab the attention of the mobile generation? How do you spread the word? Read on the learn more about effective app marketing strategies for domestic and global reach.

Make sure it’s useful

You can promote your app all day long, but it won’t make a difference if people don’t have the need or desire for it. Think of your target market, what are they looking for? What would they click on? You don’t have to attract everyone who uses a mobile device, but you must have enough users to maintain your app.

This helps when it comes to capital raising costs because it’s difficult to raise funding for a bad app. Your first app needs to be very good. This is especially true if you plan on developing a series of apps. People will look at your previous apps before deciding on whether to download any of your new apps.

Perform dedicated research

Not all apps are suitable for every country. You won’t see a lot of Tinder usage in the Middle East. So, before you do any marketing, you need to be efficient by selecting your target geographies. Then, you want to make sure your app would be culturally acceptable. Otherwise, you would waste your time marketing apps in markets which find it culturally unacceptable.

Make sure your app is relevant to your target geographies. This goes back to understanding your audience which, you need to do domestically as well. Consider how they speak. When crafting messages, use language that is easy-to-understand and fun.

Write a comprehensive description for your app

People want to know why they should download your app. You should certainly attach screenshots, but that is only part of the story. You also have to write about key features with a description that will compel your target market to download immediately. Look at other successful apps in your niche. Read their descriptions to give you an idea of how to better market your app. You might even mention your direct competition by writing, “This app is like ___ which also ___.”

Localize it

When you have your target geographies set up, localize your app’s UI, name and design. Sometimes a direct English translation just won’t work, so you might have to come up with a new name for a foreign market. Then, you need to think of languages. To illustrate, India is a multi-lingual country. As a result, your app needs to offer support for several languages. In addition, you should localize the metadata for your app depending on the geography.


customer review

Encourage reviews

According to a TUNE survey, they discovered that users care most about reviews when making download decisions. The second most important aspect is the app description. Offering a free download is a good marketing strategy that allows a group of users (beta testers) full access in exchange for a review.

Of course, this can be tricky. If they don’t like your app, then you can expect many negative reviews. So, as stated above, make sure your app is both useful and intriguing before ever putting it out on the market.

Optimize for the app store

This is similar to optimizing your website for search engines. You want to ensure your app has the right keywords in the title and description to help users find you. Your app needs to have relevant keywords which users would type into the search bar.

Advertise on social media

You can use social media to target people by demographics and interest. You can get pretty specific from location to age and interests. To start, you want a smaller audience with interests specifically related to your mobile app. This will lower advertising costs while generating higher returns.

If you choose to advertise on a social media network such as Snapchat, try teasers such as a preview of your upcoming app. You might even create contests not just on Snapchat, but also on Instagram. For instance, you can ask your users to send images of them using your app. Then, give them a reward when they do. This helps keep prospects and users engaged.

Creating an intriguing app should be a given in today’s hyper-competitive app market. After that, use the right marketing strategies to spread the word all around the world.

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