How to Create and Maintain Lasting Customer Relationships with Your Brand?

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Doesn’t matter if you’re a serial entrepreneur or run a single established business, you’ll be well-aware of the fact that lasting customer relationships matter. While building relationships is the gateway to understanding customer’s needs, and quality relationships make way for customer retention, referrals, and increased revenue for the business.

However, easier said than done. This is because today customers are a confident bunch, and if a business or brands fails to understand and acknowledge their needs and preferences, then in no time they’ll be switching sides to form a better connection with someone else.

This is where we learn how brands should create and maintain lasting customer relationships.

Facilitate quality engagement

Long-term customers do more than merely purchasing a brand or product. They tend to connect with the business, which returns the favor by incentivizing them to come back. The idea is to keep engaging your customers through different channels including email marketing, social media posts, web content, and influential marketing to tempt them build a stronger connection with your brand.

Businesses should work on personalizing their conversations with customers as closely as possible. And smart marketing personnel know how to use various tools and make customers feel that their one-on-one relationship with your brand is truly recognized.

Ask them to experience your brand

There is no substitute to the experience of letting the customer interact with the company in person. When customers are given the chance to visit your facility in person, or even watch live product demonstrations, they’ll tend to create a stronger connection as compared to browsing and buying a product online or over a sales call or email.

Try to create relevant opportunities to meet your customers in person, use exponential marketing techniques to talk, invite, and do follow up post the meeting.

Consider the example of AnyRoad, an experience management platform in US, the company empowers innovative businesses develop top levels of emotional engagement with their customers. From scheduling and registration to closing the meeting after the experience to acquire feedback, the platform will process the entire user journey for you.

The activity relies on allowing people experience the brand, while the platform acquire data on each registrant which is later used to create and maintain a long-lasting customer relationship.

Acknowledge their relationship with your business

It is simple, to better cater your customers, the closer you need to get to them. Although Google Analytics easily does the job of providing personalized reports with valuable customer data, but those who are more of visual learners, heatmaps is a better option for them.

Consider the example of Crazy Egg, the platform offers a heatmapping software that aids businesses in watching which areas of the business needs more focus. If some particular pages or features register more clicks than others, than it’s certain that those aspects are performing better over others.

Explore their social media impact

When talking about marketing your brand out in the market, never fall under the influence that all customers hold the same social media influence. Obviously, some customers will have a healthy fan following, while others might have a moderate or almost negligible followers on different social media platforms.

The trick is to invest on large fan following customers and encourage a positive relationship to acquire a big time pay off in terms on your brand mentioning. This is why top brands have a habit of collaborating with popular celebrities, YouTube stars, and other media personalities to create a positive word-of-mouth for their brand.

Provide genuine value

Besides retaining existing customers, luring new customers to your brand is another major goal that companies strive for. Apparently, consumers want to purchase and use products that adds a certain type of value in their lives.

As your team start to create a customer loyalty strategy, do remember what your target audience desires and hopes to extract out of this relationship.

This calls your brand experience and content to add value in the customers’ lives, consequently, tempting them to stay connected with your brand and make regular purchases.

Make them feel special

Obviously, no one wants to feel like a number on a paper, and the case with customers is no different. This is where small businesses have an edge over stronger competitors in the industry. As your business, workforce, and clientele grows with time, it becomes increasingly difficult to provide a personalized attention to each customer.

Hence, you might get lesser opportunities and time to know each customer individually.

Consider adding the date of a customer’s first purchase alongside other small details in your database. In doing so, you create a distinct record of each customer and use the data in later interactions to solve specific problems and providing a value-added service considering his/her customized needs.

Respond to every concern

Even the most loyal names in your customer database will voice their concerns in times of need. Hence, making it of utter importance to respond to your customers’ problems in a friendly, clear manner, regardless of how many times they bother you. And when it comes to an old, regular customer calling you for some problems, that’s a red flag needing instant addressing.

Seemingly, you don’t want to lose a chunk of customer base that registers the most revenue in your financial statements.

Try to keep close tabs on your online brand mentioning and customers’ complaints on social media or product review websites. This kind of digital complaining can not only pull off your loyal customers, but the word-of-mouth will even scare of newcomers in the process of qualifying for your brand.

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