How to Get Your Website to the Top: 7 SEO Techniques

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Every year brings some fresh points to the digital world and marketing particularly. And 2017 is not an exception. This new season has something special for us and brings a whole new set of changes to the way we all rule our digital industry. As you have already known, search engine optimization is a core in every business. Thus, let’s find out what 2017 brings us and how to get your web page to the top of Google.

1. Social content Gains its prominence constantly

Social media continue to get stronger with every new season, and, probably, there is nothing that could stop these tendencies. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the main content generators these days, and it will gain more and more importance. SEO is also important in this case as search engines now can index social media content.

And it is great! Lots of specialists predicted these tendencies before, and nowadays social media content is compatible with Goggle and other search engines. The line between social media and another web universe will blur in the nearest future. So, you as an SEO specialist should be prepared for this. Optimize your social media content to make it maximum visible for search engine marketing. If you are a brand, you need to do it in the first place, as often social media pages are the first ones to appear as the brand name search results. Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are the first ones to get on the top, note that before it is too late.

2. Videos still rule the game

As we already know, recently videos became the most valuable content. These days none search engine optimization tips would live without points about the video. This tool is the perfect one to keep your audience engaged. New 2017 tendencies state that by using a certain amount of video content, you can improve your SERPs rankings.

It is known that 62% of all Google searches are about the video. Besides that, social media such as Facebook and Instagram try to make video the biggest and strongest part of their content also. As you see, it is a perfect opportunity to get your website or anything else higher. Just use your video along with proper SEO optimization and results should be more than good.

3. Mobile optimization is vital

Most of us and your customers are hard into mobile technologies. It is a fact, and mobile audience constantly grows with every year, and 2017 is no exception. At this point, you should ask yourself if your content and website are mobile-friendly. You should clearly understand that your customers and potential clients use cell phones to buy things more often than a computer or laptop.

Another fact that pops out from this statement is that the number of various devices also grows. Now you also got mobile watches, tablets, and modern smartphones with impressing speed and protective screens. So, if you want not to fall off the business ship, optimize your business pages to be mobile-friendly, and you better do it ASAP. 43% of whole searches are made via mobile devices. And this number continues to grow. People became mobile because the Internet is affordable and fast these days.

4. Voice search option is a must

Yes, another futuristic option for us to deal with. Modern technologies allow people to use their voice to interact with their devices, and SEO optimization should bear with it. Getting your website to the top of Google with a voice search is a tough task, but you should do it if you want to reach high searching results.

Who uses the voice search? Almost everybody! It is not something for those disabled mobile phones users. Now it is for everyone just because it is simple and comfortable, especially when you are at the wheel, for example. And the reality is that it becomes a huge part of SEO optimization, and you should be prepared when it comes to mass.

5. Content creation is to improve

Stats show that people are looking for sources providing relevant info for particular subject and topic. No one wants to deal with something that is not suitable for the case. If you want your SEO and targeting to be successful, you need to lead people to something really valuable. The Internet is no longer a miracle and users expect and require accurate and useful communication. At the same time, we spend more and more time living our lives online. And content creativity makes sense here.

6. Mobile apps are huge

When someone tells you how to get your website to the top of Google, he should also take into consideration mobile applications. According to some stats, mobile apps get for 52% of the whole time users spend online. Surprised? Well, another prediction to come true. These days more and more businesses try to optimize their work for the new generation and new realities. And realities are about powering mobile applications. Even if you think your business should not have an app, we recommend reviewing that statement immediately.

7. Watch your local SEO

Localization is another fresh trend in SEO optimization strategies. We can watch it constantly grows and recommend you paying attention to it. Local SEO is up to get a strong positioning in the industry so as a market, especially with offline sales, you need to get it straight. Target advertising along with well-built local SEO strategy will make your business grow and improve on all levels.

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