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With the advent of Holiday Season, it’s time for all online businesses to fasten their belts and look out for more competent strategies analyzing their last year’s sales report and identifying what new the competitors are embracing. E-Tailers curtail prices of all their products and services with a vision that holiday promotions and offers will drive massive consumers and generate better revenues.

The 2015 E-Commerce Statistics Report Worldwide suggests that the US online market sales average out at 6.8% of the total sales while for UK, this number is 10.4%. Similarly, the current average e-commerce sales growth in Europe turns out to 10%. (Source

A report presented by Forrester Research (leading US Online Retailer Forecast), the US online retail sales accounted for almost 9% of the $3.2 trillion total retail market in 2013 and will continue to grow at an annual rate of nearly 10% through 2018.

Thus, this is the perfect time to target the larger audiences and generate potential businesses. But not every business can make money despite investing more time, efforts and dollars. Companies should move in the right direction and choose the wisest marketing strategies for a boost in your sales.

M-Commerce is the stipulation

As per Comscore2015-US-Digital-Future-in-Focus report (Source, you will be amazed to know that around 31% of the user traffic to top 10 digital marketing properties comes from mobile devices. Almost all online websites are taking their business from laptops and desktops to mobile phones for consumer’s and client’s convenience. Since more than 70% of adult users refer to their mobile phones for shopping and all internet-related tasks, you can’t escape running in the race. It is now the key to staying among the top performers. Adapt yourself according to the current trends and lead the change.

The foremost step is to make your website mobile-friendly and optimize it according to all mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Nexus, Windows. The users have access to the faster internet on mobile like 3G and 4G; you can take advantage of this fact and make sincere efforts to go mobile. Further, the current trends give way to incorporating impressive videos on your website and advertise your products. Mobile videos are gaining significant attention of users worldwide, and the best part is they instantly go viral to more than thousands consumers.

Opt for a simple and clear web design: While most of the novice e-commerce companies believe in super animations and flashing websites, the leaders in the industry understand the importance of simple and user-friendly web design. More importantly, the choice of colors and designs should be in accordance with the product you are selling. However, maintaining clarity in web layout is important for all. Meanwhile, online shopping and business websites should also take care that the users are redirected and landed to the pages smoothly without any unwanted bungling.

Balance between including Images and Content: It is good to impress your visitors with appealing images and high-quality content. Maintain the balance between the amount of images and content you include. Remember, if you are targeting the audiences below 24, more and more images will solve your purpose. Content should be legible and easy-to-understand but with an intelligent vocabulary.

Implement holiday-themed offers: As stated above, many of the e-commerce businesses make the maximum profits during the holiday season. Their website receives the maximum traffic, overflowing orders and the biggest conversions. It all depends on the type of offers and discounts. Free gifts, extra percentage offs and buy 1 get one free are some amazing schemes that multiply user engagement and ROI.

Show quick responses: The earlier you reply to customer’s queries, the better you are remembered during the next shopping. Prepare strong and skilled customer support workforce that can solve customer’s questions and answer to their feedback at once. No matter what time of the year it is, whether season or regular days, show your availability 24*7.

Prior but sensible advertising: Start your marketing campaigns a month before the season arrives. This will give you an upper edge over competitors by promoting your products and ads well in advance. But be sensible such that your ads do not annoy the users. There are various ad blocking services and software in the recent market-one started recently by Apple Inc. with the name Safari, which are focused on disrupting the digital advertisements appearing randomly on users screens.

Before becoming the next prey of ad blockers and getting blocked by users via mobile apps, try to post and publish sensible ads in a limited amount to retain back your existing consumer base.


 These trend reports and marketing takeaways will be a great help to all online business websites to buckle up their shoes and prepare for the coming season reaching out to highest sale than ever before.

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