The Overall Importance of SSL Certificate

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The Internet is a magical place full of different possibilities, such as various business opportunities, information sharing, education, entertainment and so on. However, as wonderful as it is, if not used carefully it can cause some serious problems.

Of course, you already know not to trust any suspicious links or visit any questionable websites. But even the websites that you have used a million times before don’t necessarily have to be safe. Internet safety is something we all should start paying more attention to because, even though it is the duty of a website owner to provide you with a safe environment when browsing, it is also your duty to know how to recognize and avoid those websites that don’t quite offer that.

What is an SSL Certificate and how it works?

SSL Certificate stands for Secure Sockets Layer Certificate and it’s a cryptographic protocol that makes a secure connection between any two parties using the Internet possible. Simply put, it is used to secure sensitive information sent over the Internet by encrypting it so that only the main server can decrypt it. This system is used to prevent any third parties from gaining access to information shared between a user and a host server, such as login information, credit card numbers, social security numbers and so on.

It offers authentication

Aside from offering peace of mind when security is concerned, a website secured with SSL Certificate also guarantees authentication, or simply put, it promises that the information sent will reach only the intended server and nothing else. To try and paint a more understandable picture, imagine that you’re trying to log into your online bank account, but somehow your login information ends up published on some social media network. This will not only cause major inconveniences, but it will significantly compromise the safety of your personal information. However, with websites that are secured with SSL Certificate, you can rest assured that that simply won’t happen.

Why is SSL Certificate important for online business owners?

On the other hand, as a business owner, you can benefit a lot from securing your website with SSL. Aside from the previously-mentioned facts that you will offer your website visitors safe and secure browsing experience, going from http to https will make your website more easily recognizable and better ranked by the search engines. This, of course, is very important, as the websites that are in compliance with search engines will reach the top position on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) which will enable users to find your website more easily. This will, in turn, result in higher click rate and more exposure, which will bring even more leads your way.

How to know if the website is secure?

As an average user who doesn’t know – or even doesn’t care – too much about how stuff works on the internet, you might be wondering how to determine if a website is secured or not. It’s quite simple, really. When you open your browser and access a certain website, you will notice a tiny padlock, usually in the top left-hand corner of the page. If the padlock is green, that means that the website is secured with an SSL Certificate. If, however, the padlock is grey and it has a yellow warning sign next to it, that means that the website as a whole is secure, but some of its elements are not. A red padlock, of course, means that the website is compromise and completely unsafe, so you should avoid leaving any personal information.

How much does it cost to secure your website?

Finally, it’s important to discuss the prices. While an average Internet user doesn’t really care about this part, online business owners certainly do. The main factor that will dictate the price of obtaining an SSL Certificate is your website’s hosting provider. Who they choose to obtain the certificate through and which type of the certificate they buy will determine the final price of securing your website. There are three types of SSL Certificate – single domain, multidomain and wildcard. Single domain, as the name suggests, is used for securing only one domain URL. Multidomain is used to secure multiple domain and host names within a certain domain name. Basically, you set up the main domain and you can add up to 99 additional subject alternative names to it. The wildcard is used for securing all subdomains you may have on a single domain.

So, the fact of the matter is that SSL Certificate is virtually beneficial for everyone – both the users and the business owners. And, nowadays, it has become a necessity if you want to be able to operate online.


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