Tips to Make Your Shopping Cart Checkout Process Easy

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Unless you’re a philanthropist, the ultimate objective in business is for you to get sales and profits! This means if you have an online shopping cart available to your viewers, you MUST make sure the buying process is seamless so nothing stops or gives your viewers second thoughts on making a purchase from you.

So to help you set up this seamless buying system, here are a few basic commercial rules guiding successful payment processing.

  1. Provide options. There are many methods of electronic payment available today and comparatively few customers may have signed up to all of them.  So, if you only offer one or two options on your site you may, by default, be excluding potentially significant numbers of customers.
  1. Make it easy. Today you can normally pick up excellent free or very low-cost ‘checkout’ software for your website. That means there is no excuse for having processes that are difficult for customers to find their way through or intimidating.  Examples of that latter category include asking people to enter the same information in two or three different places when paying.
  1. Stress security. Identity theft and consumer worries in that domain are ongoing issues.  Learn about this area, install appropriate safeguards and make sure your customers know that their information is secure with you.
  1. Link your prices or quotations to your payment system directly and unambiguously. Absolutely nobody likes buying something at a ‘price’ only then to find in the payment system that several extras have been added. It creates confusion, delays in transaction completion and customers who are inclined to go elsewhere.

Though not strictly a payment issue, make sure that your payment system is directly linked to your dispatch and notification processes.  Nobody likes paying and then finding out a week or two later than somebody, somewhere, forgot to ship their goods!

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