Tips to Market your App to Every Generation

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When it comes to marketing an app, what most marketers fail to understand is that only one type of marketing won’t work for all generations and audiences. You can’t really send an email/push notification to an 11-year-old or ask your mom to share her review on Instagram. Why? Because customer messages need to match the audience receiving them.

This is where “generation” marketing takes over. The values and preferences of each generation are different. Some are subtle, some blatant, and depending on which generation you belong to you may need to make some significant adjustments to your thinking, and to your marketing. Brands that are considering this generation gap are making efforts to connect with each generation through various marketing channels in order to form a long lasting customer-brand relationships.

Here we are talking about marketing a mobile app to different generations. The app savvy audience can be basically divided into three age groups:

  • The youth: This audience consists of the age group 16-24 years. Basically, this is the younger generation.
  • Millennial Audience: The 25-35 year olds.
  • Gen X: This is the least tech savvy audience in the age group of 36-50 years.

How to attract ‘The Youth’

  • Target them on Social media: As we know the younger audience is bound to be more active on social media platforms, it’s highly advisable to market your app on these channels if you want to target this audience. Run SEM ads to target your audience and do keyword optimization to maximize your results. Here is a guide to creating a successful app install campaign on Facebook.
  • Create captivating content with high share value: You need to produce unique, informative and high quality content in planning and making your Social Media campaign to bring visibility to your app. Develop content that is engrossing in order to keep your target audience engaged. For example, if you are marketing lifestyle app, then write posts on tips from designers, some of the best dresses, etc.
  • Stay up to date with current trends: Since you are targeting the youth, your posts and ads need to be highly trendy. This age group is highly tech savvy and has all the latest updates your content needs to be captivating and fresh.

How to attract ‘The Millennial audience’

  • Offer loyalty programs/ awards: Most of the big brands are already doing this. Everyone loves rewards and loyalty gifts. Since, millennials audience is bound to stick to your app, offer them rewards from time to time increase your app engagement.
    Offer loyalty programs
  • Utilize reviews/ push notifications: Millennials like to talk and plan with their friends. Everything from what neighborhood to live in and how to find it. A great way to market to this generation indirectly is to make sure your online reviews and customer experiences are up to the mark. Use personalized push notifications and limited time offers to lure in this audience. Here is a case study on how to use push notifications to increase app installs.
  • Connect via social media: The millennials are more active on traditional social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter rather than Instagram and Snapchat. Use these to your advantage and run social media competitions to increase your app engagement. Since, this generation is more influenced by peers, competitions work best for them. You can use a lot of different methods for motivating users to refer the app to their friends and relatives via social media posts. This will increase your app installs as well as contribute to your referral marketing programs.

How to attract ‘Gen X’

  • Offers via Email marketing: This generation is the least tech savvy and most difficult to market. As this audience is less active on most digital platforms the best way to reach them is via direct marketing. Offer them rewards and coupons via email push notifications. Once someone signs up for your app it would be best to send them an email explaining all the required steps for using your app to make the process easier. You can boost your ongoing marketing efforts by adding a subscription form to your mobile app itself. You could collect email addresses and then use it to increase your app engagement. Here is an example of how Zillow is using email to target the older audience.
  • email
  • Advice: This is the generation of your mom. And what moms love is advice/ something good offered to the society in general. Try creating content around life nurturing advice and you are bound to connect with this audience. Since this audience is more of need based rather than trend based, instead of SEM ads, Google adwords would play a key role in getting your app reach them. For example, if your mom is looking for a pair of shoe, she will search on Google for something like ‘Buy shoes online’. Now if the ad of your online shopping app appears on the the first page she is more likely to install it and give it a try rather than searching it on play store.

Conclusion: The habits, needs and requirements of every generation is different. Try to understand each one of them and your app installs will grow linearly.

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