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Top Marketing Strategy Trends to Know in 2017

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In 2017, self-learning machines, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other things become more real and closer to us. A few decades ago, they were only dreams from sci-fi books and movies, but today they are popular trends.

When many people still waiting for the sci-fi stories to become real, the others can turn the future to reality. With the right approach, it also may help you to take profit from your business.

Mobile Trends

In April 2017, Android had become the most used OS in the world, dethroning Microsoft Windows. It shows that market should be more and more oriented on mobile platforms.

Many companies follow the Mobile First strategy or make their services only for mobile. It does not mean you should not care about desktop and other versions of your product, but without Mobile First approach you may lose a lot of clients.

It especially works for online games, traveling applications, and other services that are mostly used on such devices. You may notice that many games have only mobile versions.

If you have a website, by using special tools you can learn about devices from which your customers enter this site. If you don’t know how to do that, ask a person who is responsible for maintaining and SEO of your website.

Therefore, if you want your business to keep up with trends, you may do the following things:

  • If your website still doesn’t have a mobile version, maybe it is time to work on it. People like using convenient websites, where you can find and read information, share posts, and do many other things without unnecessary taps or zooming.
  • People also like mobile apps. These applications may help you with providing your services, making them more popular and involving more users, most of biggest companies have their apps for different systems. So create your own app if you don’t have it yet, and do not forget about regular updates.
  • Find out which platforms your customers prefer, so you will know which versions of your website and services have higher priority.

Virtual Reality

Pokemon Go was the most discussed game of 2016, it received attention from players from all over the world. In the last yea, people were impressed by the possibilities of augmented reality, and it is time for virtual reality now.

This idea has been spoken about for decades, but now it may be added to the top list of marketing trends. Since the last year, Facebook supports 360 degrees videos. Many of popular latest apps, games, and services now support VR, and VR devices become cheaper and more widespread.

How can it help you? There are many ways to use VR in your business, such as posting 360 videos in your blogs, developing apps and games for 360 devices, using it for advertisement. You may also read about VR in Enterprise.

To make 3D videos, you need a 3D camera and other equipment for filming. To create 3D games, you need the help of game developers with such experience. With the increasing popularity of VR and 360, there are more and more professionals in this area, so you can find them by using the Internet.

Personalizing Everything

Your name is in the corner of a browser, on a credit card, on most of the websites when you enter them. Personalization is commonly used in marketing for years. Now there are even more ways to gather data about your customers and use it to satisfy as many of them as possible.

By using polls, website cookies, purchase history you can predict next purchases, offer better prices for things your customers really need. This is how it may work in your business:

  • Create polls on the website and in social networks.
  • Save history of pages your customers visited but didn’t make an order; you may use it for personal mailing and reminding them to make orders on your website.
  • When a person orders any item from the catalog, there is a list of items that are often bought with it. You can send a promo code with a special price for these items to your this person and do this also for all other customers.

These are only three examples of personalization in marketing. You may look how other companies use it now for keeping connections with their clients.

If your services are used in many countries, you should also work on proper translation and localization, to get attention and respect of the people of different cultures. People like services that are translated into their languages, tied with their cultural elements and local traditions.

Just putting a customer’s name into email header, you can get much more attention to it. By offering a special price for items your customer is supposed to want, you are on the way to sell much more and get many loyal customers.

You need to understand your clients and speak their language. Learn what they like, what they want, and what they would want in the future. Social networks and polls may be used for that purpose.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

If earlier computers could do only things they are programmed for, now they are able to learn themselves, gather and process necessary data. Computer systems can manage houses, speak with people, gather information, and even run big campaigns.

You use services with Artificial Intelligence almost every day. It does not mean you need something like Altron from The Avengers or Genesis from The Terminator series. Artificial Intelligence in marketing is just the complex software, which can gather and process a lot of data and learn from it.

  • Facebook can learn what is attractive for certain users and put it into their newsfeeds.
  • Youtube shows recommended videos, which are supposed to be interesting for users who have accounts on their website.

Such technologies can be well used in marketing, for example, for predicting users’ needs and requests. To use advantages of machine learning and artificial intelligence, you need the help of software engineers who are familiar with it.

Automated Marketing and Using Chatbots

Automated tools can help you to save time and money. Just configure your mailing list, and you will be able to schedule sending proper personalized emails. Set up your advertising campaign, and your ads will be shown exactly where they are supposed to get the maximum attention and interest of customers.

Do you like talking to Siri or Cortana? People like these services and use their help very often. Talking and chatting bots can entertain users, but they also can be used to help people and sell anything

Chatbots are clever, they can understand customers’ requests and process them. Real people may be involved only when their help is really needed.

You may use chatbots on your website or other places. You can order installing existing chatbots or create new ones for the website to your software engineers

Automated MarketingAnother Current Digital Tends Everyone Should Know

  • More useful analytics and measuring. By using big data and measurement tools, you can get data that are more relevant, and you will know how to use it in the better way.
  • The bigger role of data scientists and marketing technologists. You may also need more professional website and software developers to provide services on different platforms.
  • Content marketing. No matter how advanced and convenient your services are, without good content, they would not get customers’ attention and interest. So you also need good copywriters, content managers, and editor to make content for your website and advertisement
  • Internet of things. More and more devices can connect to the Internet and communicate with other devices and global networks.
  • SEO and popular media channels. SEO professionals can help your website to reach higher positions in search results, and you can also use Facebook, Youtube, and other services for promotion
  • Communities and social network pages. Gather people around your product, give them help if necessary and get more loyal customers
  • Storytelling and generating content oriented on specific users.

What to Do with All of That

It depends on the size of your business, your budget, main challenges, marketing plan, and business features. Maybe only a few of current and emerging digital trends described in this article are appropriate for you.

As you see, most of the trends are connected with computer technologies. It means that the role of software engineers will be even bigger in 2017 and next years. You may think about hiring more engineers, big data experts, content managers, and people who can work with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

You can also use the help of software companies. They have enough specialists to give you better solutions and get better results by providing high-quality software and services.

Managing simple websites, configuring mailing lists, communicating with customers by using social networks are relatively cheap marketing ways. However, if you are business is big and continue growing, you may invest in data science developing mobile apps, and using professional marketing tools.

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