Top 7 Ways Your Online Advertising Can Turn Away Potential Customers

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Moving in advertising circles on the Internet, one sometimes encounters companies that complain bitterly that their advertisements have sunk without trace.

They sometimes blame their internet search directory or PR Company and perhaps in some cases that might be justified. Probably more commonly though, the responsibility for the poor results arising from the advertisement may sit rather closer to home!

Here is a list of the top 7 things to avoid with your online directory advertising unless you enjoy disappointment and post mortems.

    1. Writing bland advertisements. Unless you are very lucky, you are likely to be one of a number of people offering similar goods or services in your area.  When building your advertisement, think about how you are going to make your proposition sound different to everybody else’s.
    2. Failing to say what you are about. It’s not unusual to see advertisements which just do not communicate clearly what the advertiser is offering.  Get your message out quickly and clearly.
    3. Making it tricky to contact you. If you do not state your name, address and email ID, then you can’t really complain when you don’t receive contacts as a result of your ad.  Equally, quoting only an email ID can make it look as though you are trying to hide something.  Show your full contact details and be positive.
    4. Including apologies and explanations in your ads. If your language sounds less than enthusiastic about your company and what you are proposing, then it might be unrealistic to expect your potential customers to get excited about it either.  There is a science behind sales language and you need to know how to use it.
    5. Using poor-quality or irrelevant photographs. Images can make an advertisement but they can also break it.  For example, photographs of your premises in poor light can make it look intimidating and forbidding.  Equally, photographs of cutlery on a table or the wall lights in a restaurant will open it up to ridicule. Try also to use real photographs that are relevant to you rather than public domain stock images.
    6. Overlooking pertinent facts. For example, if your business is closed over the weekend and half a day on Wednesday, make sure that is stated in the opening hours in your advertisement.  Little is more frustrating than driving to somebody’s shop or premises only to find that it is closed.
    7. Ignoring your competition. Market research is critically important and if your advertisement is offering products and services at double the prices that some of your local competitors are asking, well, you should know about that before placing your ad!

These are a few basic points but they may help make your online directory advertising that bit more successful.


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